A synthesis of God’s commandments in both the Old and New Testaments reveals that God is extremely serious about protecting and preserving His Creation.

Simply stated God means “Don’t Tread on Creation” or suffer the consequences.

Like mindless, yet greedy fools, we His children have been in blatant defiance of our God-given duty to serve God as stewards and protectors of Creation.

We have not only tread on Creation in a literal sense by destroying great portions under the tire treads of 4-wheelers, ORV’s, and other vehicles, we have clear-cut God’s forests, driven many of His animal children into extinction, and otherwise raped and pillaged the priceless heritage He loaned us to last for all generations.

In Genesis, the Alpha Chapter of the Bible, God commands Noah to save each and every creature no matter how large, no matter how small.

In Revelation, the Omega Chapter of the Bible, God warns that those who are the destroyers of the earth He shall also destroy.

Anyone who defies God and treads destructively on His Creation risks Salvation.

The sadly delusional ‘left-behind’ gang had better heed God’s commandments and God’s warning. Many of those most self-righteously certain that they will not be ‘left-behind’ are in reality some of those most likely to be ‘left-behind’.


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